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  1. I'll probably start by answering the question “why?”. And it is quite simple and even predictable.Because I am interested in these topics, I get something new or even necessary for myself from them.This, I believe, is the main advantage of the Internet.That if you thoroughly and meaningfully approach the search,you can find absolutely everything that interests you.

    Personally, I prefer blogs about sports (football, Formula 1, basketball).I am also interested in new developments in the world of music and cinema.And in the world in general.That's why I subscribe to the relevant blogs.

    I also run a blog about football.Where I express my opinion about the events that have taken place in the field of football and after the material I have submitted, I give the opportunity to express my opinions,wishes and other comments to people who have read my material.This is the main advantage of the blogosphere. Not only express your own reaction,but also observe other people's reactions to what you wrote.

  2. I read microblogs. You know, Twitter. And not because I can't handle more than 140 characters at a time, but because this limitation forces me to contrive and think about how to cram a whole day or event into one and a half short lines. Writing concisely is harder than expressing yourself at length. Such blogs turn out to be more interesting and lively. If, of course, these are good blogs.

  3. Probably my favorite blogger is Ilya Varlamov. First of all, he is a versatile person and writes about many things, not just one topic. Secondly, he writes in an interesting and exciting way, can tell you about a completely third-party event, so you can't help but read the text to the end. Finally, his ideas are simple and clear, even for a 17-year-old schoolboy like me.

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