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  1. Because the soul (an atomic particle of the spirit), or the source of our consciousness, is located inside the body. This is a very tiny particle, it is immaterial, located in the heart area, floating in the air currents (in prana). It is when it flies out of the body at the moment of death that our body instantly turns into a decomposing corpse. And the mechanism of identifying this immaterial particle with this material body (when we consider ourselves this body) is a separate conversation, this is the most subtle structure of all our mental constructions. It is easier to “see” and feel your thoughts from the outside than this mechanism.

  2. So it turned out, just a banal biology and a given of your being. As a rule, a person is aware of himself in his body (the reverse situation is considered a pathology), so we can say that the key point is that the body or bodies should be yours, inherent in you by nature. From this we can conclude that the very fact of this awareness and such a question already defines the boundaries of “yours” and does not allow you to realize yourself as something radically different.

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