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  1. In Christian theology, seraphim, cherubim, archangels, and angels have no gender. However, their names were called boys, not girls, because in those days they considered boys more worthy. That is how, from this point of view, again, the names of archangels began to be considered masculine, and not feminine.

  2. All modern world religions were born in the era of total misogyny, when women were treated, well, approximately as in the modern Russian zone (and in society as a whole) they are referred to as “roosters”.

    Therefore, in Christianity, only the Virgin Mary, also known as the Mother of God, received a pass to the “heavenly government”, and only because she gave birth to Christ. This is very typical of a patriarchal society, where a woman deserves respect solely as a mother, and in other guises she is not perceived. What kind of archangels are there, what are you talking about in general?

  3. The Hebrew word malach and the Greek angelos literally mean ” messenger.” These words occur about 400 times in the Bible. They are translated as “angel” when referring to a spiritual creature. Angels are often called spirits; spirits are invisible and very powerful. Angels cannot marry and produce their own kind. they occupy different positions. The main angel who has more power and authority than others is Michael, the archangel. Special duties and honors are given to seraphim, who hold a very high position among the angels. Most often, the Bible speaks of cherubim (ca. 90 times), and from the description of their duties, it is clear that they also hold a special position among the angels. There are also a huge number of messenger angels, through which God communicates with people. True, angels have no gender, not because they are faceless forces, but because Jehovah created them that way. In the Bible, angels are usually represented as men, and when they materialize, they always take the form of men, since God and his Son are also represented as men.

  4. In Judaism, four archangels serve as guardians of the world – a purely male role. Maybe that's why they are traditionally considered male representatives. In fact, what kind of men can there be in the kingdom of God? Angels (and archangels of this kind) are asexual beings, and the division by gender is meaningless there.

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