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  1. The admin is also the same person as the user. But the actions of the admin are not known to the user and most often would be incomprehensible, even if they were known. And the actions of the user at the admin as in the palm of your hand. In the same way, the admin can set restrictions on actions for the user, make him a moderator, or delete the user, but the admin user does not.

  2. The point is that the primitive abilities of limited human beings are limited. Humans and angels are POTENTIALLY infinite beings. That is, they increase indefinitely, but never reach infinity. And God is inexhaustible, just as infinity is inexhaustible. So the words of Scripture:

    Isaiah 55: 9. But as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways, and my thoughts are higher than your thoughts.

    Strictly speaking, they are a very big understatement.

  3. I am an atheist, but the logic of both the question and the answer does not require believing.

    I once attended a training course on human resources management, where a tutor at the British Open University quoted the proverb: “The boss is always a fool.”

    I mean, in the eyes of my subordinates.


    1) the boss has more information, more horizons

    2) the boss (normal) has a system mindset. He sees different solutions and understands that there is usually no “right” one: ANY solution has its pros and cons.

    3) because the subordinate has neither the same information as the boss, nor often a systematic understanding of the situation in its development, but he faces the disadvantages of the decision (remember: they are there for ANY decision) . – It is natural that often a subordinate considers his boss to be a narrow-minded person who cannot take into account such elementary things!.

    God is, within the framework of religion, a really cool boss. That is, from the point of view of management, the logic is the same.

    ..Well, as an atheist, I will sarcastically suggest that the thesis of “inscrutability” replaces logic in all places when something terrible, cruel, and unfair happens. Like, ” and he's still good – and so figs knows why. But still a good one.”

  4. Here a man gave birth to another man, that is, his own child. How can this child know the thoughts of its parent? A child can only learn his thoughts while talking to his father. And then only if my father wants it. I will tell you the secret of God's thoughts. They are the commandments: do not kill, do not betray, do not betray, etc. Live according to these commandments – this is true faith in God.

    I think so. and you?

  5. Translation-Never ask God where He is going or for what purpose. You'll never understand that. As a living example-a lot of small-minded questions – why did the almighty God allow this, or why did He not intervene when people sent it.. People will not accept it. For they think in a human way. And they think about people. But the Good News is prolonged. Only to those who live in God's way and think about God's way, the ways of the Lord are open!)

  6. Because God is a creative person and gave this Gift to man.

    Also, He gave a person the freedom to choose the path, putting in the person the ability to determine Good and Evil, giving the ability to Love and be Loved.

    Search for the Measure, Degree of Perfection and vector of application of forces, distributed in time and space in accordance with the program of Divine Providence.

  7. This is one of the questions that Christians don't like to answer, because any answer makes it look silly. Of course, if God really created us in his own image, we should be able to perfectly understand the logic of his actions.

  8. Because we are His children, and small children at that, we are gods in the bud. However, God says that ” He who seeks will find, he who knocks will be opened, and he who asks will be given.”and again,” I will reveal to you all My secrets, even hidden secrets, even things that have never entered the mind of man.” We can learn the ways of the Lord, and it is with great pleasure that God reveals them to those who seek and knock and ask.

  9. Life has shown that we are very, very vulnerable. To understand God, one must become God. God was among us. This is Jesus Christ. All our understanding of God is impossible without Jesus. He has given us the Light by which we understand God. It was Jesus who became the first man to become God.

    He knew God completely from beginning to end. I knew everything that was going to happen to us. He knew all the answers.

    But Jesus or is one thing. even a Saint and sovses are another matter for an ordinary person. The average person is very far from God. We have inherited the appearance of God, some properties of His matter, mind, but every person, even Christ, carries the genes of animals. Animal DNA. That is, man is descended not only from God, but also from an animal.

    Of course, Adam was not descended from an animal. But after original sin, Adam and Eve came to Earth and, unable to mate with humans, began to mate with animals. On the other hand, it saved the human race from complete destruction. On the other hand, it gave man the characteristics of animals that Adam and Eve did not have.

    The result of all this sodom and bestiality was the great degradation and fall of humanity. Compared to Adam, man is so degraded that he no longer seems able to understand God.

    Christ corrected this problem. But still, none of us can fully understand God. We're too stupid about Him. There are people who are closer to God, there are those who are further away, but it is almost impossible to fully understand God. It is unlikely that among our contemporaries there is at least one who understands God to the end.

    That is why the ways of God are inscrutable to us. But man has inherited an image and likeness from God. The person looks unique. Oosbenno Aryan White race. It is very different from animals. So we can say that we look like God.

    At the same time, you need to face the truth. Modern man is not perfect. Jesus was perfect. A person has yet to improve his body and appearance. But man is so much more perfect than any other animal that we speak of him as having the image of God. Because the appearance of God is not very different from the appearance of modern man.

    The same can't be said for consciousness. Adam was a man close to God. In the process of the fall and further human evolution, our body did not change very much. We may not be as beautiful as Adam, but we haven't lost the key features of his appearance. But the nvsh mind is very bad. It is known that Adam could talk to Neebs. I heard the voice of God. Today, only a few people can freely communicate with God like Adam.

    That is, the degradation of the human mind was much more serious than the degradation of the body. If you look from Adam and the moment when we lived in heaven with God. That's why they say thatGod created us in His own image, but His ways are unfathomable to us

  10. Because clay can't know the Potter's plan. It's a metaphor. We are in the hands of the Almighty – clay. He is the Creator. How can we, created by the Creator, understand the Creator's thought? Man was created by God. The Lord is Uncreated, Eternal, and we are finite. Naturally, it is not given to us from Creation to know and comprehend the Works of the Lord.

  11. The Lord is Spirit and the Purest intelligence expressed in Wisdom, so that the movement of the spirit can only be understood by becoming as much like it as is permitted.Otherwise, the spirit vector will quietly elude the grosser human distortion of thought…along this path, they will disperse,and as a result will become incomprehensible to man, or inscrutable!!! So apparently it should be considered.But I might be wrong.With respect.

  12. Because after gaining freedom, people lost their perfection. Because of the wrong choice. Man is now not the one who was created by God, he bears the damage of this world that has partially departed from God. Heterogeneous, collapsing. God did not lose his perfection.

  13. Yes, God,creating people in his own image, invested intelligence. Adam and Eve, with 100% brain power, deliberately violated God's one-point law and condemned us all to degradation leading to death. In the Bible, God has told us everything we need to know until the Day of Judgment. The multitude of fulfilled promises proves that He does not hide anything from us and that His wisdom is boundless (Rom 11: 33). Our brain currently produces about 2% of its total potential. We are impressed and delighted by Its wonders. Scientists have found explanations for many miracles, but not yet. His wisdom draws us in and draws us to Him. He intends to give people eternal life and for all eternity we will run after His amazing ideas (Psalm 138: 17,18)

  14. because it is written in the Holy Scriptures. which is true because it is inspired by God. if you are a believer, then you cannot doubt it, it is a sin, doubts are from the evil one. well, if you are an unbeliever, you will easily find a lot of other logical inconsistencies.

  15. And I will add a metaphor – because a drop of water does not know where the waves of the ocean are taking it.

    Beautiful metafor Beautiful metafor Beautiful metafor Beautiful metafor

  16. For us, even each other's paths are difficult to explore. The only thing that helps is that we are all made of the same material, are proportionate to each other and act at approximately the same pace, and therefore we can observe each other and think about who is doing what and how.

    But no one has ever seen God, put Him in a cage, caught him in a jar, or filmed him on camera. Because of the lack of information about the physical nature of God, people go into various abstractions: they talk about the transcendence of God, about some special spiritual reality, about being outside of space and time, and so on. Even if the truth is very close, such fabrications, not being recognized as abstractions of the ignorant, only lead people away from knowledge.

    Although we do not see God and do not understand what He is, we see the fruits of His actions. A person asks God for help, and God, going to meet the person who is praying, finds one or another method, simple or clever, natural or not so much, and applies it to the life of this person.

    The person who prays, entrusting their concerns to God, perceives a further way out of the situation as God's intervention. He sees the changes that are taking place and only wonders. How did this happen? How could this be a coincidence? Who set up what? It's not clear, but it happened. Thank God, but how?

    Verily, the ways of the Lord are unsearchable. This is not an axiom, but an experimental conclusion.

  17. Why are they immediately inscrutable? Sometimes it is quite acceptable, otherwise some prophecies would not come true. Do not really trust categorical judgments, because thoughts (real ones) are almost impossible to express adequately, there is always something superfluous that prevents it from being fully and accurately perceived by others. And in the two excerpts you cite from well-known statements, said and spoken sometimes in appropriate situations, and sometimes in obscene ones-there is also an excessive categoricality, which, of course, sounds beautiful, but it is not accurate enough, blurry, general, so to speak.

    But the whole thing is (well, of course, not the devil at all!) it is hidden in nuances, trifles, and circumstances… Similarly, in the process of drawing God for yourself (and yourself for yourself), you always find new nuances, little things that can reveal the essence of the question in a completely new way.

    Be afraid of aphorisms without context. It is the perception of context that gives a more complete and accurate understanding of meanings and Meaning. An aphorism simply froths on the wave of context, making it more visible to the eyes of thinking.

  18. Similarity in freedom of choice.

    If we understand Him, then we are on the same level as Him, and we do not seem to be like Him, but like Him, with a distinctive side from other creatures who only have a preference for something, and not a choice of what to explain, I think it is not necessary, so it is clear.

    • If one book on my bookshelf is called “At the Beginning of Glorious Deeds,” why is the book next to it called ” The End of Eternity?
    • Because they are different books, despite the fact that they are on the same shelf.�
    1. Creation of man in the image and likeness – the Old Testament, Genesis, inscrutability (ineffability) The Ways of the Lord – The New Testament, Epistle of Ap. St. Paul to the Romans. It is incorrect to see a contradiction between fragments that speak, if not about different hypostases of the Lord, then certainly about different hypostases of man.�
    2. Man as an image of the Lord is a statement of the created man as an initial given, which is significant only in the context of his subsequent transformation, transformation into something more than inspired dust, man-possibility. If I may – ironically: unlike everything else that God worked on-created-invented, He didn't bother much with a person – He made them up in his own image, as if by his own standards and patterns – “And so it will come down! 🙂
    3. Man as the likeness of the Lord is not a given, but a given task of man, an anticipation of the future of Man, a Man-project. The way to implement this project, to embody this similarity, is the human capacity for creativity. It is in this that man is like the Lord – in the ability to create, to create something that did not exist (of course, this is similarity, not identity: God is not reduced to man, nor is man exalted to the God-like). But this similarity is not present initially, but is achieved and proved in life itself and in the very life of a person.�
    4. And then the inscrutability of the ways of the Lord is not His pride or deceit, not the mystery of the knower and not caution before the ignorant, hiding the forbidden (secret) sweet fruit. This is giving a person the opportunity to find a Person in himself, without prompting (after all, no one whispered in God's ear). Inscrutability=ineffability of the ways=words of the Lord-silence that allows a person to question Him about the Truth and speak the truth for himself.�
    5. So, in my opinion, there is no contradiction that ADI MARATOV asks about.�

    PS. I speak and think like a secular person: believers should not be offended/indignant 🙂 Good luck and all the best!

  19. Elsewhere in the same book, it is said that His ways are not our ways, and His thoughts are not our thoughts. If there is one, it is unlikely that Its mind is like that of a social animal like us.

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