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  1. It's simple, the level of public culture is very low, and art is a mirror of society and idiots become popular because they feel the needs of the public best.

  2. As you know, demand creates supply, and not vice versa. Among our society, there are a lot of poorly educated, poorly educated people who have practically not heard anything talented and sublime, and as a result, they make low demands on musical production. Hence all these faces, vulgar Molly, Timothy and other mediocre things that history will forget.�

    Unfortunately, most people are not interested in beautiful, high-quality music, as well as compositions with sharp social overtones. These people need jeans, a “hook” for the mood. Or attach the first popular track you see to a fancy photo. Yes, there are nu-metal band Louna, rap group 25/17, punk band CG Bros., alternative rock artists Delfin, Vasya Oblomov and many others. However, they are not in trends and not on the wave, which once again speaks to the tastes and needs of our society.�

    Russia has talents. But Russia doesn't need these talents.

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