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  1. In his 1802 work On Scientific Methods for the Study of Natural Law, Hegel first describes his views on the nature and nature of war, which he later adopted in his later writings.

    In “On scientific methods of studying Natural Law”, he writes:”…for the restoration of moral health, there is no more powerful remedy than war, which shakes the state of things to the root, not excluding life itself, and reveals the little things of life in their true light” and ” War (since in it lies the free possibility of destroying not only individual particulars, but also their independence as life, and, moreover, the destruction of even the most absolute or people) supports the moral health of peoples in indifference against particular determinations and against habituation and ossification, just as the wind protects lakes from rotting, which could appear in them from a prolonged calm, and among peoples from a prolonged or even “eternal” peace.”

    So, analyzing his works, Hegel's opinion on the necessity of war is as follows::

    1) War is a necessity to protect the sovereignty of the state;

    2) War is a means of preserving the moral health of citizens, because only thanks to them can individual human life rise to the high cause of freedom and morality;

    3) War prevents internal turmoil and strengthens State power.

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