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  1. To have fun. Reading poetry is a certain type of entertainment, which is comparable to listening to music. The general theory of art does not know why music and literature appeared. There are only hypotheses. One of them says that women hung skins to dry on the veins of animals, and the wind played on these veins, that is, stringed instruments were created first. Prose appeared, of course, when recording various acts and laws. Then, when someone began to write down fairy tales and short stories, fiction appeared. Someone realized that it is much more convenient to memorize a large amount of text rhythmically. The rhythm came before the rhyme. So there were ballads, for example, in hexameter. Rhyme is another way to simplify memorizing information.

    Everything else is already a person's work on the word. At the moment, poetry is the future of language, it shows what it will be like in a few decades, it is much easier to reflect feelings and emotions, it allows you to use the latest expressive means. For the literary lover, good poetry is like an aged wine after a good but less elite one. This is the pinnacle of verbal art, of course.

    In general, any question about literature that begins with ” why ” requires an answer – because it's so cool.

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  2. well, let's remember the high calm of Lomonosov Derzhavin and Pushkin-but I mixed a lot of prose into the poetic glass, or-this is our contemporary-but the poetic speech of the lunar sonata of the music of reason will sound… poetry is a cliff that not everyone will dare to climb … and the view from the moon – the rocks and mountains are not only beautiful but also majestic.

  3. When there was no written language, everything that people knew had to be passed on to other people orally. Lined up in the size of a line or, especially, rhymed phrases are much easier to remember and not an example less distorted than the presentation in prose. This is reflected in the saying “you can't get a word out of a song”, when the Mongols sent messengers with messages in the form of a rhymed song, which they forced to memorize word-for-word. The distortion was false.
    And it became” high art ” very much later.

  4. Poetry as an art form is designed to satisfy a person's need. Someone came up with it and implemented it, but others liked it and picked it up.

  5. A stupid question, of course, in order to get an unimaginably pleasant feeling. Writers have a chance to pour out their feelings and thoughts in lines, or to dedicate these very lines to a certain person: a loved one, an unloved one, a friend, an enemy, a dog, maybe even a nanny. And for readers – to raise their spirits, although it depends on the genre.

    Well, in order to have something to ask students.

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