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  1. It is interesting to see how people interpret fragments from the Bible, giving some psychological stereotypical justifications.You can't understand Japan through China, even if they seem to have the same features. Anyone who REALLY wants to get an answer to the question should look at the answer from people who have focused all their lives on understanding this text, from which the content was understood not only by logic, but also by the experience of life.�
    I offer two detailed interpretations.�bible.optina.ru�there's more.
    Russian Saint Philaret Drozdov:
    “The devil chooses such an instrument for the most convenient operation and concealment of deception. God allows this so that man may see the image of caution in the very instrument of temptation. The serpent is a speaker. It is in vain that this is attributed to the nature of the animals in paradise. This was the art of the devil, who wanted to attract Eve to himself by curiosity and surprise. However, she could infer from this very art the quality of a being who hides in a foreign form and does not dare to appear in his own. Some think that the serpent spoke to Eve in the natural language that all things speak to the wise; but this natural language, if it were not governed by the father of lies, would not be so crafty as the language of the serpent in the Mosaic legend. The serpent speaks to the woman because, as some have remarked, she was not present at the study of the nature of animals, and received the law of the tree of knowledge through her husband, and consequently could more easily be swayed in judging both the nature of the speaker and the subject of the conversation; and because the wife, being naturally placed in dependence on her husband (1 Timothy 2:12-13), Even after this, the tempter did not abandon this successful stratagem (3 Samuel 11: 4; Eccl. 7: 28; 2 Tim. 3:6). It seems that it was not difficult for Eve to notice the serpent's unnatural state, and therefore it is even difficult to believe that she decided to enter into a conversation with him. But it usually seems so when the trick has already been discovered”
    St. Ephraim the Syrian: “He did not come to Adam out of fear, but came to Eve rather to persuade her to eat the fruit of the tree from which it was forbidden to eat , because she had not yet tasted the fruit that was allowed to her from thousands or tens of thousands of other trees. But she did not eat, not because she was fasting, but because hunger had not yet taken hold of her, for she had only just been created. Of course, the serpent was not forbidden to go with such haste to Eve, for this very haste of the serpent did not serve in his favor. It came at a time when the newly created Eve did not yet know what hunger was, and the beauty of the tree did not arouse in her the struggle of desires. So, since Eve did not feel hungry, and the tree did not lead her into a struggle, the serpent was not forbidden to become her tempter. For if Eve had been victorious in a short battle and in a short struggle, and the serpent and those who were in the serpent had been subjected to the same punishment as they had suffered, then Eve and her husband would have tasted the fruit of life and acquired eternal life, having received in truth the existence that was promised to them; they would in truth have Therefore the tempter hastened to come, and was not restrained. The very fact that the tempter comes along with the commandment could have taught those who are tempted that he is the tempter, and warned them against his wiles.”

  2. Unfortunately, the Bible and history have been greatly distorted in the past. There is an opinion that the Bible is based on legends and myths of the period when Judaism was formed. The legends and myths were adjusted, one of the ideas of Judaism and Monotheism of those years was the need to form a religion in which the role of women was lower than men. Before Judaism, there were religions and cults that worshipped female deities of fertility and abundance. Thus, the fact that the serpent tempted Eve very conveniently “blames women” for all the troubles, and also allows you to treat them as less reasonable. And thus allows men “as victims for nothing” to declare the era of patriarchy and the male view of religion. On the other hand, the serpent is declared evil and the responsibility for what happened is divided between Eve and the serpent. And this gives the” male preachers ” an advantage.
    In other words, a small falsification of legends to please the ruling and powerful in those days. Don't forget that history is written by the winners. In those days, patriarchy defeated matriarchy and it was necessary to justify the goals of the war, which we see in texts and religions.

  3. Interesting question… I would say that there are several different categories than impenetrable characters, although this is partly justified. Historically, women are actually more psychologically suggestible than men (although again, this is an average indicator; there are both suggestible men and psychologically invulnerable women), they are more likely to take their word for it and agree with arguments faster, and they are also more likely to be more curious about men. This is not my invention, it was confirmed by repeated psychological studies in different countries.

    Men tend to question things and look for arguments and arguments to a greater extent than women. Again, on average. However, men do have one weakness, namely beautiful ladies. Note that in most families and unions, men adapt to their chosen women. I'm not saying that they become henpecked, although this happens, they just try to take the wishes of women into account and act in such a way that women feel comfortable. This is a completely normal psychological pattern. I would even say, maybe biologically determined.

    So, a woman is able to encourage a man to almost any action and vice versa (hence the well-known saying that a strong man is always a strong woman). That is why most advertising companies, social experiments, etc. choose women as their audience, because it is much easier to influence men through women than if you go head-on and try to inspire a man with something.

    For this reason (again, this is inherent in the historical psychological roots of human society), the Serpent decides to tempt Eve, because he knows that if he succeeds in tempting her, she will encourage Adam to do something. He was told not to touch the apple, and he will not touch it, and then his beloved Eva says that this is great and generally necessary. Where can I go from here…

  4. It's no secret that the devil is a very cunning and resourceful creature, he resists love. True love, according to Christian teaching, should consist in the fact that the husband trembles before God, his word and cares for his wife. The wife must tremble before the word of both her husband and God, and take care of her children. This means that if the devil had managed to tempt Adam( it was God who instructed him not to eat the fruit of the tree that stands in the middle of Paradise, Eve was not yet there), and then Adam would have given these fruits to Eve, then Eve would simply have had no sin before her husband. After all, a wife must respect her husband, accept his care with respect, obey him, and this would be a vivid manifestation of love. Therefore, the devil, having tempted Eve and not Adam, completely turned both Adam and Eve away from love, both before each other and before God.

  5. Why did the serpent tempt Eve and not Adam?

    1 The serpent was more cunning than all the beasts of the field that the Lord God had made. And the serpent said unto the woman, Hath God truly said, Ye shall not eat of any tree of the garden?(Gen. 3: 1)

    In order to implement his plans for humanity, the serpent needed a trick, a certain knight move, otherwise his plan could fail and who knows if he would have a second attempt to do this. Therefore, he chooses the path not directly to the Person, but to his Assistant. And although it is difficult to see any hierarchy in Paradise in the Scriptures, it is most likely that it was there – first Adam was created, and then Eve was extracted from him as part of Adam, etc. In short, the serpent used the Anaconda method-from far away, little by little tightening in the loop.

  6. probably, the serpent tempted Eve because at that time the woman was lower in social status, unlike men who got food and money, and as a result it was believed that a man is stronger than a woman, that his character is impenetrable adamant.

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