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  1. If you go to this church all the time, as a believer should and who wants to baptize his child, then you will not be charged money. If you are an adult and decide to be baptized, then you should first go through catechetical talks – lectures before baptism. They won't charge you any money after that, either. Of course, it happens in different ways, but what I know is definitely not taken. And those who get married from the church community are also not charged.

    Well, if you perceive the baptism or wedding as a tradition, so that it was, since it is necessary, came, stood, listened, left, that is, it is not like life in the church, but like a theater, then why not give 1000-2000 as a donation? In general, such unknowns should be refused, and not baptized, without making sure that they know the Symbol of Faith, the main thing that they accept. You can thank the priests in some other way, but it's strange, come, be baptized and leave. It would be inconvenient for me to find out how to thank you, how much money to leave.

    Well, for example, come to him: spbda.ru Father Alexander

    He won't take any money from you, even if you really want to. The truth can and baptize refuse, if not convinced of you. ))

  2. A clergyman once explained this to me. The bottom line is that we live in a world where it is difficult for a person to live without money. You don't buy a shrine, grace, blessing, etc.You buy the TIME of the priest himself. He has to live on something, travel to the place of services and feed his family, and from this comes the payment for baptism and other rites. Moreover, the fee is charged to those who can afford to pay for something. For the poor, such things are provided free of charge. There are no checks, and I have never heard that after something they announce “500 rubles from you” (unless this is an unplanned promotion, of course). It goes without saying that a donation after the event is not prohibited, but its amount depends on your capabilities. Yes, there are even price lists, but, again, I repeat, you buy time, and it is quite possible to agree on a free event. But, as they say, “the family is not without a freak”, so there may be misers, it is not necessary to talk about the avarice and greed of the church by private examples.

  3. “If something walks like a duck, swims like a duck, quacks like a duck, then most likely it is a duck “-this is one of the variations of the famous (in some circles) scholastic principle”Occam's Razor”. I want to say that the essence of the matter here, most likely, is this: a priest provides a service on a paid basis. If there is a demand , there is a supply. Everything.

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