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  1. And why meet someone's expectations? Think about it, you came to this world with your own program, which you have to perform. If you expect someone to do your work for you, it's not you who will do it, it's them. It's the same with others. If they expect something from you, then they want you to do their program for them. This will force you to solve their problems at the expense of your own. If you solve the problems of your neighbors on the test, and not your own, then the result will be obvious. And why in life do we have to solve other people's problems?

  2. The question is not very clear. If you think that some people put pressure on others, trying to change them, but when they get the desired result, they want more from you, then we all change every minute, but usually we first of all value people's personality and confidence in their actions. This gives you a sense of security and the ability to make your own decisions.

  3. The title doesn't make it clear what it's about? A person should solve their own problems, as well as the problems of other people, to the best of their abilities. I am a philosopher, I have explained the world for myself and other people.

  4. Due to non-compliance with personal reasoning, and a critical violation of the permissible law! Or, simply put, a press that doesn't work correctly is doomed to produce crooked parts! Who will like the clumsy detail??? Oblomilasya detalka, eh peek-a-boo said Vitalka! It's obvious! Watson….with warmth and a smile!!!

  5. If a person has “his head on his shoulders”, then no one and nothing will force him to act against his will, because for the consequences of certain actions you will have to pay for yourself.

    Similarly, with the question of the continuation of a kind, including: does a person want to become a parent, at what age should this happen, and how many children should there be?

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