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  1. To understand the “hypotheses and ideas of astronomers”, it is necessary to have at least an average level of education, and the higher the level of education of a person, the easier it is to accept scientific hypotheses and ideas, and not only in astronomy. To understand the “fairy tales of different religious sects”, education is not required, but the lower the level of education of a person, the more trusting they are about these fairy tales.

  2. Because it contradicts the data of our everyday observations. If we look at the sky, what do we see? The sun and Moon orbiting the Earth, many stars that are stationary relative to each other, which look like they are at the same distance from us (think of the sphere of fixed stars in ancient astronomy), several objects that look like stars, but move along their trajectories regularly (planets) or one-time (comets).�

    No spiral galaxies, black holes, supernovae, gas clusters, wormholes, and so on. We don't observe any of this directly. This can only be seen through the prism of a special system for interpreting observational data (with science, we will also have to rely on special instruments in addition). Such a system is science, another such system is, for example, ancient Greek mythology. Both can be metaphorically represented as two different prisms through which we refract a ray of light. The direction of the beam at the exit of these prisms will be different, just as the explanations of the movement of the planets in modern astronomy and Ptolemy will be different.

    Susannah is absolutely right to point out that education plays a crucial role here, because it is (in a broad sense) that teaches a person to use this and not the other “prism”, or rather not to use it, but to trust the authority of their guardians. Still, we don't have many people who are astronomers, physicists, shamans, and other direct interpreters: we don't prove that the world consists of atoms experimentally on our own, but we learn it in school as a dogma, just as any Hindu knows from early childhood that a cow is sacred.

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