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  1. This is called downshifting. The philosophy of people, when a person abandons other people's goals and begins to live for himself. Usually, people just leave a high position for a lower one, for the sake of free time and hobbies.

  2. Because when you reach heights, you begin to understand that the real pleasure you get is not from income, but from what is created with your own hands. There is also a tendency to move into art. So, you can safely do this when you are already provided for the rest of your life, without worrying about “what will I eat tomorrow, and whether I will end up under the bridge in a cardboard box.”

  3. What is the success criterion for you? A big office, a Mercedes at the entrance, a 16-hour workday, and the first heart attack in forty years? Will you really be happier if you earn not ten million a year, but twenty? Usually, people who go for conscious downgrading have learned the hard way that happiness is not in money. And they have already provided for their basic needs and will not starve to death.

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