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  1. God is needed not “why”, but “why”. Its “functions, “so to speak, are not limited to retribution for good and evil.

    There are several options.

    1. The simplest answer is by default. There are people who have a religious feeling built into their personality. This is a sense of belonging and at the same time being opposed to Something (and sometimes directly to Someone) immeasurably greater. In its simplest form – nature. A more complex, but also quite natural feeling for a person-the feeling of a Completely Different, Interlocutor, like me, but many times superior.

    2. Man needs God “then” in order to harmonize the world around him. It is full of unfairness, and a normal person is not satisfied with it. Let's say some child-killing villain was rotted away in prison, and somewhere in the United States they even put him in the electric chair. Justice has been served, but that doesn't make it any easier for the murdered child. The believer believes that God will restore order in eternity – the sufferer will be comforted.

    (This is about how I came to believe-I was personally very concerned about the question of how any conversations about justice after the Holocaust and Nazism in general are possible. This is not the world, but some kind of ugliness, it is not worthy to live at all. I was just reconciled to the world precisely by the understanding that no one who died is forgotten by God. Then there was a transition specifically to Christianity, but this is no longer relevant to the topic of the question.)

    1. A person needs God because he hopes for Him in a difficult moment. This is a very simple human need, one might say primitive, but quite worthy. A person basically suffers all his life: he works hard and works hard, or spends his life in parties and gets all worked up in the morning, saves his last penny, or spends an insane amount of money on fun and wants more… In the end, he quarrels with friends, gets seriously ill himself and takes care of or watches over sick loved ones, dies and sees off dear people on their last journey.

    A person asks God to be near. Even if He does not perform a miracle, then maybe He will somehow support and help? “God is the concept by which we measure our pain”, – пел Леннон. And for a believer, “maybe” is superfluous.

    1. For the believer, God often appears in the same “role” as for the unbeliever, altruism, sacrificial love. Rather, He becomes the personification of such love. Let's say I do a good deed for someone – not for any reason, but just like that. Such a good deed is just participation with God, who gives the main and most important good-life. Also just like that – after all, it is self-sufficient and does not need anything.
  2. The main issue here is conscience. This is such a tricky concept that a person knows how to customize for himself. For some, the role of conscience is played by guilt, for others by compassion, for others by logic.

    God (rather, a religion that tells about God) sets moral guidelines without discounting the characteristics of a personal person. Conscience may not allow us to shoot at any living being, conscience may allow us to shoot at a traitor, conscience may try to convince us “he is a bad person, you can shoot at a bad person.” The religious commandment is unequivocal – ” Thou shalt not kill.”

  3. What does “why God” mean? God exists regardless of our desires. And he gave us a conscience to remind us of the truth about good and evil. There are no unscrupulous people, there are only those who do not listen to their conscience or do not obey.

  4. First of all: God is there, whether we need him or not.

    Second: In the beginning, the whisper of the heart, then the voice of Conscience. He communicates with us through his conscience.

    Thus, if a person does not hear his conscience, then he does not obey God. But God will also help an unscrupulous person by punishing them.

  5. God is needed where there is no awareness of the true ” laws “(independent of the will of man) of nature and society. The gods are different, but the laws of nature and society are the same. When people learn the law of nature and society, they simply accept it and use it.

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