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  1. In my opinion, the point is to present the existence of God as analogous to the fantastic existence of a teapot in space or a fairy in a garden, thereby reducing the audience's belief in a transcendent Creator to a belief in obscenely improbable but unprovable phenomena.

  2. “You either take off the cross or put on your underwear.”

    The essence of the teapot is that you either believe in any unprovable thing that you have been told, or you don't believe it. Otherwise, what makes a belief in god that you hold better than a belief in fairies, wizards, space kettles, or pagan gods that you don't hold?�The number of people who hold these beliefs?

    Believing in something just because a lot of other people do it is stupid, and if you do it in relation to other things, it will be an obvious mistake. For some reason, this is overlooked in relation to faith in God.

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