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  1. Ennobling? Makes you feel calmer? Do you call the societies of Islamic countries calm? Here is a typical example of this calm: https://www.stav.kp.ru/daily/26819.5/3855678/

    Shamil, a 24-year-old migrant from Dagestan, was walking along the shore of a lake in Austria with several friends. Suddenly, the guys saw local residents resting here, a man and a woman. Natives of Dagestan were confused by the fact that the woman was topless.

    Shamil and his friends demanded that the man immediately force the woman to get dressed. Otherwise, Shamil, a native of Dagestan, threatened to rape her, and threatened to throw the man into a ravine. Then, when the Austrian asked Shamil why he should not turn away in this case, the man threatened to rape him as well.

    Calmly, and most importantly nobly – to rape a man for the fact that his girlfriend was sunbathing topless.

  2. Nor why, a logical error in the question itself. If you look at crime statistics, there is no direct correlation between religion. Equally low murder rates + – have the most liberal countries of Scandinavia and conservative countries of the Persian Gulf. But there is a direct dependence on the country's poverty and unstable political situation. The poorer the country, the more crimes there are.

  3. A number of areas of feminism criticize any strict norms of appearance for women. Demands only for women to adorn themselves are considered a manifestation of social inequality. But the requirements for women to hide their appearance are also associated with the negative attitude of conservative societies to any sexuality, even unequal ones. In countries where Christianity is the traditional religion, these norms are becoming a thing of the past, often replaced by expectations for women to adorn themselves. There are fewer such changes in Muslim societies, and in a number of countries, on the contrary, such norms are being strengthened.

    Requirements to hide their appearance only to women are also associated with stereotypes that only men can show sexual desire and respond to the beauty of the body of a person of the other sex. Men are considered to be unable to control their sexual behavior and refuse violence. Controlling women's sexuality reduces the average sexual activity of women compared to men. In the context of gender inequality, controlling women's sexuality, and encouraging aggressive and violent sexual behavior in many men, women are significantly less likely than men to engage in aggressive or violent sexual behavior. It is necessary to abandon restrictions on voluntary and equal sexuality, but men are quite capable of rejecting any form of aggression and violence in sexual behavior without social norms, when it is expected that women should hide their appearance.

  4. With your question, you are already cutting off the answer options in which people do not agree that closing the body and face by a woman makes society calmer, forcing people to answer in one direction. Probably in this way you are looking for some support in your beliefs. This is the wrong way to put the question. Therefore, I will answer the question “does society ennoble the closure of a woman's face and body?”. My answer is no.

  5. A woman is a man's greatest weakness. I think you meant hijab when you asked the question. Hijab is translated from Arabic as “covering, CONCEALING”. It exists to restrain human passions and establish spiritual and mental peace in society. That is, once covered, a woman stops provoking a man and protects herself from lascivious glances. Remember the movie “Malena” and what the reaction of the stronger sex was when she went out on the street. Hence the idiotic behavior of guys, which many girls complain about when they whistle/honk/shout at them, and so on. Yes, you really didn't say anything superfluous to anyone and went quietly about your business, but in such situations, your body and your clothes “speak” for you. I do not blame you in any way, dear girls, and I do not support those guys who behave very ugly towards you. A well-mannered guy will just pass by and not look. But again, think about it.

  6. indulge the animals from the wild countries-you will become a beast yourself – as women want, so let them go: this does not concern normal men, but savages-move to your favorite cave and there wrap your female khat in four layers

  7. Because in public, a woman is a MOTHER, DAUGHTER, and SISTER, and they must be protected. Accordingly, education is underway. �And not a prostitute, as we have now, to which the appropriate attitude. By inflating sex, childbearing decreases, i.e., population reduction, which is what those who push these ideas need. Plus homosexuality and lesbians, i.e. the degeneration of the nation.

  8. a woman's body, if it is still beautiful, and even more so if it radiates intrigue, sexuality, challenge, is aimed, as is often the case with modern women, at captivating men, catching their eyes, “likes”, admiration, etc. This brings excitement to the male soul, ignites in it a deadly fire, temptation, makes the blood boil, causes passions that either seek sexual release or sublimate and come out in a different “side”.�

    8 Turn away your eye from a beautiful woman and do not look at the beauty of others:
    9 Many have gone astray through the beauty of a woman; it makes love burn like fire.
    10 Do not sit with a married woman at all, and do not stay with her at the feast of wine,
    11 lest your soul incline to her, and your spirit creep into destruction.
    (Ser. 10: 8-11)

    The biblical instruction is aimed at the fact that a man should try to avoid this topic – Muslims made it easier for themselves – they simply decided to hide women, to hide them from sin away)

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