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  1. If the transfer was as simple as a two-finger click, I wouldn't hesitate to send you this ruble.�

    Well, N people will transfer you a ruble each, and the rest will ask you to explain why you need their ruble (if they find out about you at all). How do you advertise yourself and let people know about you?

    And finally, figure out how to transfer money with a click, otherwise this is the main problem, no one will want to perform actions that steal five minutes, for a gratuitous transfer of 1 ruble to a person they don't know and who doesn't seem to really need their ruble.

  2. Therefore, in order to throw off a ruble to all fans of freebies, each person will have to spend at least 400,000 rubles a day for 50 years.

  3. For a very simple reason.

    If you have the ability to “force” or “convince” 140 million people to pay attention to you and send you 140 million rubles, then you should not worry about such pennies, potentially you can earn tens of times more on your political influence or advertising, for example.

    In other words, people won't chip in because they don't care about you, and if they don't care so much about you that they're willing to send you a few pennies, then the money itself will be much less valuable than your influence on people.

  4. Let's start this beautiful tradition!
    I'll send a ruble to your apartment, and you'll send a ruble to my apartment. Someone has subscribed to this question, and this person is probably also interested in the topic. So I will also give him a ruble, you will give him a ruble, and he will give us a ruble each.
    So slowly, slowly, each of us will accumulate 140 million rubles of profit and 140 million of loss.

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