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  1. Well, don't tell me) instagramchik does not offend anyone, there is also a place for talent. Just filter the content based on your preferences to see only those people you think are worthy)

  2. The talent of being a freak is also a talent.

    Freaking attracts the attention and interest of the public. This is probably the reason why such people are popular in social networks.

    Art is a very mobile phenomenon and many of its trends go beyond the generally accepted norms and ideas.

    1. It seems to me that you needlessly deny freaks the right to talent, separating “freaks” and “talented”.
    2. A person who is distinguished by a bright, unusual, extravagant appearance and defiant behavior is a certain talent. The only thing is that this talent is not part of your value system, which means that it cannot be appreciated by you. I understand! I don't blame you, because like you, I don't share the value of this talent.
    3. It seems to me that you are not very lucky with public posts, publications and commenters. If you try to limit your interest to topics and posters that are serious and write about serious things, your attitude to what you see may change due to the change in what you see.Well, they say: “you are what you eat.”
    4. As for “public ownership,” you're right. As a rule, people are talented – they are talented in one thing, and these are definitely not social or communicative talents. Reflection – paying attention to themselves and their consciousness, does not leave time and energy for empathy and respect for people; immersed in the sphere where their talents are expressed, talented people do not notice people around them who are unable to appreciate their talents. That's why the “talented” ones don't know how to speak, write, or keep an audience. In addition, as in the case of “freaks”, their talents may not be included in the value system of the audience that is going to Instagram. Do you agree?
    5. If your question is deeper and it could sound something like this: “why did the freaks in social networks get sent out”, then the answer is very simple… Social media gave everyone a chance to see his “moment of glory”. Therefore, everyone, including those who do not have pronounced talents, in social networks is trying to exercise their right “to fame”. Someone in social networks can become famous (including freaks), but most can only become famous – and this is normal. If you can't filter some of them from others, then just don't go there – “don't read Soviet newspapers before lunch” – why do you need someone else's dubious or not so famous? Earn your career –�with talents!
  3. This is because history, not modernity, makes talented people. At one time, I. V. Stalin and L. I. Brezhnev were both talented scientists and writers. Over time, it turned out that they received Lenin Prizes in vain. So watch, and history will judge.

  4. “Freaks” know how to make a high-quality show, and people like that. It is unlikely that when you come home from work, you will watch documentaries and so on. On the contrary, you will want to relax, laugh. And what is needed for this? That's right-the show. And these clowns earn us money for our views and subscriptions. Just like that.

  5. This is due to a drop in the level of primary and school education. Soros ' system is designed to blind people from childhood. A society of people with clip thinking has been built, who are not able to think independently and analyze what is happening. For them, the main thing is to HYPE. Most bloggers appeal to such an audience.and they are popular with the public . The more likes, the more money. Everything is simple In any society there are most of them. The smart ones are few and far between in a crowd that needs only bread and circuses

  6. We have reached a time when the wrapper is more important than the content. Smart people won't make stupid faces 24/7, send intimate photos, or write something so stupid that it makes you sick… And the new generation, on the contrary, does not want to think, they have nothing on their mind but giggles-haha, just silly aunts with naked butts and pouting lips are suitable for this:)

  7. Well, because there is a moral decomposition of our society.

    And it is not from scratch, but at the behest of a certain elite.

    They don't need cultured, educated, well-mannered people.

    They need a stupid herd, they are easier to manage.

    So they introduce all sorts of Morgensteins and faces buzov dom2 etc

  8. The essence of the answer to this question lies in the true meaning of freedom. Which is understood perversely – do everything you can, show yourself to the fullest, this is the self-expression of the individual…And all sorts of evil spirits ran around, and began to stick out their meanings, little thoughts, and from their stupidity they turned their heads.

    The meaning of true FREEDOM is contained in the Russian word LIBERATION,

    literally meaning:

    O (c,b) – orientation, connection, acceptance;

    BOZH – does not require any explanations;

    ACTION – an action, a meaningful and focused effort

    Remember, ” In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”?

    Decoding: Forming a mental image based on the will of God, setting a task for concentrating and directing the application of the power of the Word (thought form), the Word receives the power of God and … A universe is being created, and all the mechanisms of its development and aspirations are already present in it, and random deviations need to be slightly corrected…

  9. Well, that's why they're freaks. Now it is fashionable to express jargon, jokes. The audience is getting younger and needs something to attract it. But we still have the opportunity to watch the classics of our comedians.

    Visit theaters, watch recordings of old productions after all. Not everything is as sad as it seems ))

  10. People have changed, people have become different. Everyone has become similar to each other, I invite you to read a book called “life in the 21st century”, everything is described there.People have a lot of vulgarities and they like to look at (I apologize for the expression) sisky at “fitonyashk” than at sculptures with the same chest in the museum. I would like to answer a lot more, but I can't find enough letters. Cyril13 years old

  11. Talented people are engaged in business, and ignoramuses can't do anything because they are either too lazy or not smart, so they make faces at the phone cameras. Well, this is not only in our time and before it was, many inventors died in poverty, and the rich profited from their inventions.

  12. What do you mean by “freaks”?

    The literal translation of this word is ” a freak, a fanatic, a person who is obsessed with something.” In modern society – bright, with an extravagant appearance and defiant behavior, they stand out in a separate society, subculture.

    In the first case, such people act as clowns for most people, thereby causing a lot of excitement.

    In the second case, if a person is adequate and reasonable, but feels comfortable only with modifications and tattoos (for example), then this is strictly his business.

  13. Salvador Dali , for example, was also a “freak” of his time. Such “freaks” are the spirit of time. What the public consciously or unconsciously wants. Plus, there is always a choice of what exactly to follow in certain social networks.social networks.

  14. There are 2 reasons for this :

    1) Psychology and manipulation

    People (not everyone) like shock content, this is pure psychology, some freaks are just jerks and produce an infinite number of such content, while others know what people will fall for and deliberately turn their content into shock

    2) Monetization and donation

    Instagram puts premium (business) account publications in the top spots, and since those who pay money need an audience, they often use both trump cards : donat and shock content

  15. The more difficult it is to objectively and measurably assess the quality of content, in this case, the greater the impact of networking skills, plus banal luck.

    Evaluating a talented person's content requires extra effort, which many people don't have the skills to do, and almost all of them don't have the time to do.

  16. The Internet spoils people…no, it rather reveals everything that we didn't know about before, and if you don't want to know about this, then don't clog your brain with instagrams with other similar nonsense….

  17. Freaks and the Internet is degrading.I don't know if it's even easier for people to look at freaks and frankly stupid people.So it's easier and you don't need to think,you look and fizzle in fact.

  18. Unfortunately, in our time, this problem extends not only to the Instagram network.

    In my opinion, the problem lies in the “consumers”, who are all the people viewing the content. Most of these “consumers” simply do not know how to use content that is aimed at developing creative thinking, intelligence, and other interesting topics. The modern consumer needs something simple and funny so that they can catch the content and forget about it in 5 minutes. People don't want to think, they want to “eat rye”.
    Thus, it turns out that real art, in all its forms, goes viral, and harmful content, such as the suffering of puberty teenagers, seeps into the minds of the masses.

  19. Who told you they were gone? They are just not public people, they are sitting in research institutes, developing hypersonic weapons, poseidons, compact nuclear reactors that can heat an entire city. SNF, BTG, and Tesla TORi are being studied. You're just looking for them in the wrong place, they don't have time to run stupid instagrams, tick-tock, Facebook, Twitter and other rubbish.

  20. Obydlyachivanie society by reducing the level of education, and the weakening of morals and morals is a convenient form of management of cattle.

    A similar mass experiment was conducted in the United States back in the 60s on the Hippie movement.

    It turned out to be effective – the intensity of the youth movement and protests dropped sharply.

    In Russia, the same thing began to be organized from the moment of perestroika.

    Rednecks with a low level of social responsibility and controlled activity simplify social problems and are well controlled.

  21. The reason is the mass availability of Instagram. There are also quite a few talented people there, but the mass taste wins, the audience votes with views. That's why funny freaks win.

  22. Because people need trash.

    Although there are also talented freaks 🙂 But then you also need to understand who you refer to as talents and who as freaks. Would you elaborate, or give us some examples?)

  23. Talented people have not sunk into existence just now there are too many people like you vyrozilsya: trying to attract the public in insta. It's just that it's much harder to spot a needle in a haystack than the needles that have been sifted out before us for a long time (talents weren't as easy to spot as you might think ,and there weren't a lot more of them ).Now the age of an overabundance of information waves, so naturally it is much more difficult to find talent as there is more active “hay” than before, but this does not mean that there are fewer good works – on the contrary, there are more of them because of the high opportunities to become famous .

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