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  1. Better-with certainty. Not just certainty about what to believe(this is a common trait, the agnostic and possibilist also believe that they are right), but also about what exists and what does not. Imho, atheism is a faith, and agnosticism and possibilism are a worldview, and the differences are appropriate.

    The atheist is confident in himself, and he does not need to admit that he does not know something. He believes in his T. Z. and this gives as much peace of mind as a believer in God. And the agnostic and possibilist consider all options, do not take on their shoulders the heavy decision “is there someone there?”, assume multi-probability and therefore find themselves in a freer position, but without any specifics.

    So if there is a God, the atheist is more likely to get hit on the head by lightning, and others can say that they did not deny anything and generally always said that “everything is possible”)

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