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  1. For the same reason that it is customary to treat strangers without asking their will, and also to save them in case of danger without specifying whether they want to be saved.

    A person's life has value a priori, without reasoning about the situation.

    Besides, death is irreversible. And we don't know how or why a potential suicide decided to do this. Maybe he got drunk or under the influence of a momentary emotion climbed on a bridge or roof, but in general, he does not want to die, everything is not so bad in his life, and only pride prevents him from turning back?

    If he's determined to die, he'll do it later anyway.

    And when he is saved, he remains alive and can still change his mind.

  2. And I wouldn't try to dissuade you. What for? I believe that it is the right of every person to decide whether to live or not to live. Not only are we not asked when to give birth, but we are also not allowed to die of our own free will. Another thing is that this is cowardice, in my opinion. To leave life when you are tired, when everything is tired and your hands have given up, it is certainly easier than to overcome yourself, try to change something in your life, find meaning in order to move on and become happy in the end, it is much more difficult. So I don't dissuade anyone, but I don't consider this option for myself. Because I'm a wrestler. I like to overcome difficulties and solve complex problems. I'm interested in living, I'm interested to see how it ends. For me, life is a kind of movie, a movie in which I am the main character. And I want to watch this movie until the end.

  3. My life experience shows that even a small accident can solve most of the problems that caused a friend to commit suicide. Knowing this or feeling it on an intuitive level, they try to dissuade the suicidal person.

  4. vote for the petition on the right to euthanasia.The person who has really fallen into despair is not drawn, he has pain,lack of means of subsistence (in general).Help us to leave on a voluntary basis with dignity and without pain.

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