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  1. Why is it said that our current freedom is just an illusion created to distract people from real freedom? What is true freedom ?

    True freedom is freedom from illusions( lies) and vices (sins). But in order to gain such freedom, work and search, struggle and effort are necessary, which are unacceptable for the majority, so people freed themselves from such freedom and invented their own – they are more free in morals and actions, morals and attitude to their neighbors, to duty, conscience and so on and so on and so on. For example, the Marquis de Sade was a preacher of absolute freedom, which would not be limited by morality, religion, or law. The main value of life was considered to satisfy the aspirations of the individual. This is a small touch to the theme, as if a colorful illustration of some ” freedoms “in their seemingly” perfect ” execution.

    Berdyaev said that freedom is difficult, but slavery is easy.. Therefore, people chose slavery (some consciously, some not) and invented all sorts of concepts of alleged freedom in it.

    • We must be slaves to the laws to be free-Cicero

    • The easiest way to enslave a person is to let them believe that they are free.

    • There is no slavery more hopeless
      than that of those slaves
      who believe
      themselves to be free from fetters.

  2. Real freedom in the head. All terminology describing the criteria of freedom is subjective opinions. And often those who seek it do not find it. It is very difficult to find a free person in our time. Modern man is a slave. He is dependent on the property that he has or may have, on public opinion and the opinion of loved ones, dependent because of responsibility for loved ones. A free man is an absolute egoist, in a healthy sense (if I may say so). This is the one – which may help, but may also not help. Free from personal opinion and the influence of others ' opinions. Free from remorse. Free from plans. Free from addictions and habits. Such a person values freedom and I think others will not envy him in his freedom, because it is like “vegetating”. His life runs parallel to ours, and it is difficult for him to interfere with his freedom, because he has nothing to protect, he has nothing but his life.

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