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  1. Well, then everything is obvious. The female, having laid eggs for fertilization, can escape while the male fertilizes the eggs. The father finds himself in a situation where he either cares for the offspring, or condemns them to death.�

    But wait, you're talking about people, not fish. In humans, everything is different and the male has much more opportunities to avoid responsibility, so I don't know what kind of responsibility you are talking about, such that men have it, but women do not. In some countries, they can't even get an abortion.

  2. The responsibility for the consequences lies precisely with women, because it is a woman who goes through an abortion and childbirth. Another thing is that women have problems with the ability to refuse unprotected sex, and men have problems with accepting this refusal. They don't say no, so as not to offend, because “He doesn't like it with a condom.” Do not forget about the banal ignorance due to the lack of sex education and faith in the reliability of the PAP.

  3. Because in our sexist matriarchal world, gender other than that of women is stigmatized and stereotypically recognized as toxic. A man is historically endowed with the features of an aggressor, a rough animal. This is reflected in the language, here there is a “beautiful sex”, and a man is, by the same logic, a “terrible sex”. And men repeat it, just to make the woman feel good. They are forced to do this by the current system of social and gender inequality.

    The phenomenon you mentioned is just another aspect of gender-aggressive female practices.

  4. No responsibility is assigned to any men by anyone from above) �

    If your lady holds you responsible for all of this, then these are the characteristics of the relationship in your couple – nothing more.�

    In other couples, the responsibility is “assigned” to the woman or shared equally by both. Some don't bother with this topic at all )

  5. Who told you that?) 2 or more people participate in sex. And the responsibility is equally distributed to them. A girl can buy contraceptives, and a man can too. It is unlikely, for example, that a man knows what pills to buy for a woman – and the woman goes and buys it herself.

  6. Because, I apologize, the role of a man is entirely to make a move back in time and prevent the end of the act.
    If it is a matter of sexually transmitted diseases , then I think it is already an equal matter for both of them.

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