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  1. Because it, like any serious scientific theory, is the least controversial generalization of confirmed and tested hypotheses and observed phenomena.�
    Simply put, there are far more facts supporting it than there are supporting any other theories, including creationism.

  2. Not why.


    There is no evolutionist theory. No theory explaining the origin of the world, either. As well as a modern society (unless the society for the protection of Monuments is considered modern).

    The facts don't exist either, but it doesn't matter. It is important that even in ancient times people realized that facts do not prove anything.

    And they don't confirm it.

    What is a “fact”?

    What is a “society”?

    What is the “world”?

  3. With the evolution of the world, you have overdone it.

    But as far as evolution is concerned, this is the process of program operation discovered by Darwin.

    Yes, the process is being executed, but the question is, who is the author of the program of this process?

  4. There are no facts confirming the evolutionary theory of the origin of the world at all.

    Probably, the anonymous person was referring to the evolutionary theory of the origin of plant and animal species?

    It is based on observations of the ontogenesis of multicellular organisms as a result of mitotic cell division and the formation of an adult organism.

    But it seems to be from a biological topic that is not related to society.

  5. The process of creating and evolving life is written on the first page of the Bible. It says that life was created by water and earth. That is, it did not come from outer space, and no one created it in test tubes.

  6. First, evolutionary biology is irrelevant to the origin of the world, as well as the Milky Way, the Solar System, the Earth, and life.

    Secondly, there is a lot of evidence for it in all areas of biology. This is the only model that explains many facts from different fields. In any sedimentary rock, in any organism and its development, there is evidence of it. In many studies, it is observed in real time.

    And even if not all of this, there are no normal alternatives to it. Creationism is not falsifiable, and as a concept that completely reverses the natural science worldview, it requires extraordinary evidence.

  7. Because there are a lot of facts confirming it. Even if we do not talk about all evolutionary theories, but specifically about STE.

    And the “theories” that claim the creation of the world by someone/something have one common problem – they do not imply the possibility of proof at all and, therefore, are stupidly unscientific (according to Popper's criterion, they do not pass – how do you refute the concept of Russell's teapot?). Such is the trouble.

  8. First, evolutionary theory does not explain the origin of the world. Secondly, it does not even explain the origin of life on earth.�

    The evolutionary theory explains the regularity of the development of life on earth from the simplest single-celled organisms to complex multicellular ones. There are millions of facts confirming it, everywhere you look, evolution is taking place. Are you no longer affected by the antibiotic? That's her. Do you have a nose like your dad's? Hi, it's her again. Is your dachshund skinny and fits well in a fox hole? This is also an evolution! Apples are big and sweet, and not vague sour small circles? Evolution! Do you have a ribbed trachea? It's her again! Can a genetic test confirm paternity? And this is again evolution threw a pig to the defaulter of alimony!

    Everywhere you look, there is evidence of an evolutionary theory. People who say that this is not so, just do not know what it is in general, the theory of evolution. They need to get into Wikipedia at least.

    • These facts are many times more than those that support other theories (of the latter, rather, a little more than all are far-fetched, ambiguous, or not plausible).

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