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  1. those who lived in the USSR will remember that in every city there were huge posters about the intelligence and strength of our era, about the ever-living Lenin and, of course, about the World-the World, most likely with a pigeon. the desire is correct, especially after the huge losses of the USSR in the Patriotic War, but by the end of the 80s, against the background of troops in Afghanistan, conflicts in Africa, and so on, this poster (as well as all the others) was treated with indifference, if not with sarcasm in the form of the saying “we will fight for world peace until no stone is left unturned”. This should be added by the Vremya and International Panorama programs showing constant demonstrations in Europe against the deployment of Pershing-2 and the Soviet Peace Defense Committee

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    Insert an image because violence is inherent in a person genetically. The instinct of self-preservation, the instinct of dominance, the instinct of reproduction-this is what drives all people.�

    There is a conscious-unconscious natural selection, and if we assume that people genetically excise their instincts, then those who have instincts will destroy or subdue them.

    Another thing is that people should be as conscious as possible in order to appreciate the life of their own kind.�

    Why is the expression “world peace” ironic and even dismissive? What's so shameful about dreaming about it?

  3. Look, there are two problems.

    Humanity faces challenges that are not yet solved without wars. Any other solution will be no better.

    This is such an idealistic formalism in real contexts. By type, police lawlessness is discussed: But if people did not commit crimes, the police would not be needed. So. So what? Or: And if all people followed the Categorical imperative, others could be trusted. Well, what are we going to do now? They turn to the World when they don't want to do anything specific at all. Do we need a tidal power plant? We need world peace! Let's build a barn. No, we need world peace! The theme of the World Peace rally translates as We leaked the rally. We demand world peace! Translates to We don't know what to demand specifically. It's not here, not now, not with us. And so it became a stamp.

    And an anecdote:

    The guy caught a goldfish. She offers to fulfill any wish. Guy:

    — World peace!

    — What are you doing, kid?” This is not feasible. Give me something else.

    — I want Windows not to be buggy!

    – So. What about world peace?

  4. Because a person is naturally conflicted, he constantly feels the need for dominance and self-affirmation. What does the expression World Peace mean in general? This means that there are no major conflicts, but it means that you can no longer defend your interests, and how do you imagine such a world? Dreams about this are absolutely absurd, they are just childishly naive.

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