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  1. It is interesting, of course, what kind of personal experience has instilled in you such prejudice against religion, so many of the grossest stereotypes and such anger against believers. I wish you had the common sense to make sense of this and share it with us.

  2. When I found faith, I immediately realized that I was abruptly stupefied (of course, even more “did not understand” than understood, because stupid people do not understand rather than understand? or not? so wait…).�

    Well, since then, I've been fighting science with all my might, because the whole technocratic civilization built by atheists on the Internet is depressing my tight mind. Often I look at the rain and think to myself how I can't live without these atheists, how I love reading their profound arguments that they write while they sit in their scientific laboratories – that no one has seen God there, that he is not there, because science has proved that atheism is a new a stage of evolution, that's it. How, I think, to live without it? Not life, in general, but the agony of the victorious obscurantism, no, I think I don't want to agonize alone, you need to plunge the whole world into the darkness of religion, and for this you need to counteract science and atheists personally in every possible way in order to simply exist, well, live there, answer questions, put huskies, pet the dog, watch the sunset, somehow resist science, well, pray here, put bows. In general, in every possible way to sabotage the formation of an amesyst science citadel. So no, please do not settle us separately, because then we will not be able to interfere with the development of humanity by our prayers.

  3. I will offer optimization of the idea. It is much more practical to gather all non-religious people in one place: they are much smaller, so you will have to use less transport.

  4. I think the answer is simple. It is enough to repeat the question, replacing “religious” with “non-religious”. We are all different, but we must learn not to separate, but to connect. Otherwise, tomorrow you will be evicted far away… And there is a sign of otherness.

  5. Because the development of humanity is much more hindered by ideas like ” let's limit the rights of people whose opinion on any issue does not coincide with mine.”�

    And let's forbid pensioners to vote, they are stupid and do not understand who is right for them…

    And let's forbid believers in md their nonsense, because it is nonsense…

    And let's not let people of certain nationalities come to us, because they are some kind of bad people…

    But let's not give it.

    All people have the same rights regardless of gender, race, religion, etc.

    Freedom of conscience and religion is one of the inalienable rights of the individual.

    Freedom of movement and choice of place of residence is one of the inalienable rights of the individual.

  6. Has it ever occurred to you that atheists hinder the development of humanity? Where is the sanity in atheism, when many scientists from various fields of science, including philosophy, fully support the idea of the Creator of the universe?

    With a high level of technological progress in society, there is a clear decline in morals and morals, and the reason for this is atheism, because if there is no God, then everything is allowed, as the great Russian writer said.

    The full development of humanity is possible only through the interaction of religion and science, culture and society. But here it is necessary to make a reservation that religion should be one, since God is one Creator, and all people are children for Him. But here is a problem, and in the near future, alas, unsolvable…

    As a Christian, the goal of Christianity is to unite people into one family… and the beginning of this was laid 2000 years ago, when the church appeared as an image of a new human society, which we should strive for. Although the church has not proven itself in the best possible way, as everyone knows, it still has a real future, because it was created by the Creator of this world…

    Modern realities may tell you quite the opposite, but here I have outlined the point of view of the Bible and Christian teaching, that is, my worldview, with which you have the right to disagree…

  7. This has been done successfully for a long time.

    Only it turned out that religious people and their sympathizers, that is, those who are drawn to them, are much easier to simply settle throughout the country and in cities.

    And for those who want to live very separately from this group, it is much easier to gather temporarily in several blocks of large cities and give them the opportunity to gradually emigrate, gathering in countries, no, not in countries – in cities that are very far from religious-New York, for example, or there – Paris, Brussels, Strasbourg, Gomorrah.

    Therefore, this idea is being implemented quite successfully.

  8. In my short life, I have met many people of different nationalities, religions and worldviews.

    Short list of acquaintances:

    3 Christians, the first surgeon, a curvy linguist, the third is my best friend, who is just a nice person.

    At the same time, I consider them people with the purest faith, not fundamentalists, not sectarians. Smart, intelligent people, with a sense of humor, tolerant and self-sufficient personalities.

    Which of them do you think is harmful to society? What is the negative impact?

    What about the theory that you have fallen into the same trap that many believers have fallen into, in professing an ideology, without any doubt following it? (Yes, there are such things, of course)

    What is the direct damage caused by believers? I exclude it if it is not a question of a sect, ideology, insanity and mental disorders.

    Think about it, you are wrong about something.

  9. First, because they will kill each other.
    Secondly, because without them, people of science will have no one to conduct a dialogue with.
    Third, because their prayers can gain such concentrated power that disaster is imminent.

  10. There are also different stages of religiosity, some of them are closer to normal, although this is rather an exception, the most stubborn religiosity in third world countries. And it is not necessary to isolate anyone, it will change absolutely nothing, we need to change the systematic approach to all this, as it happened long ago in civilized countries. Any religion is one of the most important tools of the state, a veil over the eyes of the weak and a tool for the strong, as it has always been. With the help of brainwashing in this way, you can justify anything – even theft, even murder, even mass murder, you can also quite effectively restrain the bulk so that they do not gather and destroy the rich, that is, the government itself and its close associates (boyars). Hence, such state concessions, for example, exemption from taxation of religious organizations (traditional ones), since religion is one of the pillars of power. I really liked the theory of the origin of religion Z. At one time. Freud's works “totem and taboo”, “Moses and monotheism”, “the future of one illusion”, are very similar to the truth, in particular, the hypothesis that religion is one of the forms of collective obsessive neurosis, like traditional esoteric fairy tales like if you don't listen to mom and dad, babay will take you away ))(also like:you will not obey, you will be punished, you will go to hell and suffer there, etc.) By the way, an interesting fact – the most highly developed civilized secular states and the most successful ones tend to be mostly atheistic, in contrast to the totally religious to the core third world countries, which are headed by tyrant princes who quite effectively manipulate the bulk (slaves) through religion to achieve their political, and in some cases geopolitical, goals (for example, Islamic fundamentalism)

  11. Move out? Must not. Or rather, it is impossible. Faith is a human feeling that everyone has without exception. People believe in different things. Mostly into the unknown. Having learned, they seek another object of faith. In the last century, people believed in the possibility of building a just society on Earth, they wanted to learn for themselves or give such an opportunity to their children and grandchildren. No one expected help from the gods and the adherents of various teachings did not object, except perhaps representatives of various churches were against it. People have renounced their faith in building a just society, and churches, mosques, churches, and synagogues have immediately taken over.

  12. Because you can also move gay people away from straight people. Black from white. Rich from poor. Right-handers from left-handers. Bald from hairy. Etc.

    A society is a society – when different strata can get along and interact for the sake of something common.

  13. I don't see how the prayers of religious people can hinder the development of humanity – unless, of course, religiosity begins to be imposed by the state.

    In this case, it is necessary to evict those persons invested with power who are engaged in such a planting of a worldview and traditions at public expense-but wouldn't it be easier to deprive them of their powers? For example, without voting for them.

    Although, you can also move out if their guilt in squandering the budget for church toys, and at the same time other related crimes, is proved – a few years on logging will not hurt them.

    And to evict those who pray, and often climb with the imposition of their worldview to others (as I understand it, the author of the question is annoyed) – well, what's the point?
    If they have the wrong head (a fairly common occurrence among those who begin to hear God or angels), they should be treated, and not exiled to the taiga.

    As for relatively normal believers-cut off the church from the state, as it is written in the Constitution, stop financing it from the state treasury and passing bribes through it, put it on self-sufficiency – and the percentage of believers will already fall to a minuscule amount, all the ass-licking authorities will fall out of it… but they'll stick somewhere else.

    And if you introduce a law so that those who call themselves believers strictly follow ALL their own commandments, statutes and rituals, pay the same tithe to the church, for example, and do not miss confession and communion – everything, religion can be forgotten in six months. A year later, the same individuals will compete for the title of the best atheist.

    Moreover, today's science practically does not contradict the main, main religious views on the structure and origin of the world, on the essence of man – and in many ways has already begun to surpass them.

    There are no contradictions in the basis of the worldview, they remain in the ritual and traditional part of religions, in the observance of some rules that are hundreds of years behind life. Remove the conditions that force people to follow outright nonsense – and the need for them will disappear, easily and naturally.
    In general, religion generates obscurantism, which dies out on its own if it is not funded and supported administratively.

    And in rural areas, in wild conditions, religiosity will only strengthen. Because the wild conditions of life correspond to the level of consciousness in which religions develop.

  14. your sanity is not a concrete fact, nor is the fact that religious people have hindered or are hindering the development of society. Unsubstantiated claims not supported by anything.
    I suspect that you will not succeed in eliminating the “religious” ones – and then you will again start looking for “culprits” for the fact that you do not have a developed society – and then socialists, Jews, troishniks, blacks, blunt-edged, pointy-edged, non-Aryans, with unacceptable skull parameters, and so on will be used.�

    signs of the Nordic race by Hans F. K. Gunther

    1) Shape:People of the Nordic race are tall and slender. The average height of adult males is 1.75-1.76 m, often it reaches 1.90 m. Men of the Nordic race, in addition to being tall, are distinguished by broad shoulders and narrow hips. Nordic women are also racially slender, despite their feminine body shapes. Here, the effect of so-called false thinness is observed: Nordic women in clothing seem thin despite the developed female forms. The armspan of the Nordic race is 94-97% of the body length.

    2)The skull: People of the Nordic race have a long skull and a narrow face. Long-headedness-combined with a narrow face, they make the shape of the head such that it can be enclosed in a rectangle. A prominent occiput, characteristic of the Nordic race. If a long-headed man is placed against a wall, the back of his head will come into contact with it, and for roundheads there will be a gap between the back of his head and the wall. The features of the Nordic face in profile are pronounced. The forehead is tilted back, the eyes are deep-set, and the nose is more or less prominent. The jaws and teeth are almost vertical. The chin is particularly prominent. The presence of three protruding parts gives the impression of aggressiveness. Full face draw attention to a narrow forehead, slightly curved eyebrows, a narrow back of the nose, a narrow, angular chin. The head is narrowed at the temples, as if it was squeezed from both sides in a vise. A very important facial feature is cheekbones. In the Nordic race, they are not very noticeable, because they are turned sideways and located almost vertically. A particularly Nordic trait – large and long upper front incisors.

    3) Skin:
    Only the Nordic race can be called “white” in the proper sense of the word. Only the skin of the Nordic race is resistant to sunlight: it turns very red, as in burns, but after a few days the redness disappears. The nipples of men and women of the Nordic race are pink, while those of other European races are brown. Only the Nordic race really has red lips. The skin of the Nordic race is particularly delicate and �thin.

    4) Hair: People of the Nordic race have good hair growth on the head, men have a beard, but the body hair is weaker. The hair color of the Nordic race is light, with variations from blonde to dark brown.

    5) Eye color: Blue or gray. In Nordic people, eye color often changes depending on the light and mood. When the light falls from the front, the eyes appear blue, and when from the side – gray. Their color is a cross between blue and gray

    6) Character traits: The main mental qualities of the Nordic race are the ability to evaluate, truthfulness and energy. Associated with the first of these are a sense of justice, a tendency to isolate oneself, distrust of eloquence and the spirit of the masses, suspicion, a sense of reality, distrust of outsiders, and loyalty to those deemed trustworthy. Irreconcilability to malicious enemies is also connected with this. His sexual tendencies are more reserved and selective than those of other races. The Nordic person tends to hide his appreciation behind a reserved demeanor and polite coldness, and is more likely to show his intelligence than his soul. For the Nordic man, freedom is also liberation from the power of his own moods. There is a strong desire for cleanliness, both in the home and in the soul.
    Another quality of a Nordic person is cleanliness. In the whole Nordic race, as in the individual Nordic people, contemplative peace, sensitive cordiality are as possible as thirst for action, cold calculation, mocking contempt, and implacable cruelty. A truly Nordic trait is a love of exercise. Nordic people love working in the fresh air.

  15. Because this is called discrimination based on religion. If you think this is acceptable “for the greater good”, then you are no different from religious fundamentalists, just look at things from your bell tower.

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