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  1. and imagine that all the people around you are not kind. would you like to live in such a society? would it even last for a longer or shorter time?

    I believe there are two reasons to be kind:

    first, social – for the preservation of society and the species

    Secondly, internal-I believe that kindness and empathy are our internal needs, and when we do evil things, we do harm, first of all, to ourselves, even if we don't realize it. we seem to undermine our inner core – humanity, and this does not pass without a trace for the individual

  2. A person should be kind only to the extent that he is interested in long-term cooperation with society, because the basic things that are considered kindness are qualities that simplify cooperation with a person.

  3. And who told you that a person should be kind? Man is what he is. As stated in the Upanishads,”…man is made up of desire. Whatever is his desire, such is his will, such is his will, such is the deed he performs, such is the deed he performs, such is the lot he attains.”We reflect each other, and we must learn to see ourselves in others. This is called the mirror of relationships. Namaste!!! With respect.

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