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  1. logic is used everywhere, and the IQ test shows the level of perception and work with information, no professional knowledge of “techies” is required

  2. It's funny, but you managed to make a logical mistake in asking the question about logical problems. Consider your syllogism:

    1. All “IQ tests” use purely ” logical tasks [to determine the level of intelligence]. (P+ a M-).

    2. Logical tasks-for techies. (M+ a S-).

    Your conclusion: people with an abstract way of thinking are stupid.

    Correct conclusion: all´┐ŻIQ tests are for techies. (P+ a S-).

    However, I would still argue with the second premise, since solving logical problems often requires moving into the realm of abstractions. Yes, people with a technical mindset think in a more structured way, but this does not mean that they are better at logical tasks. Therefore, people with an abstract way of thinking can probably be considered more intelligent, because they are able to think more broadly.

    And most importantly, remember: logic is the same for everyone.

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