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  1. First of all, what Freud and Marx have in common is that in the concepts of these authors, a person acts not so much on his own free will, but because of some objective reasons. For Freud, this reason is the unconscious, which imperceptibly controls the behavior of the individual, and for Marx, society, the objective process of development of which carries individuals along with it, like a river.

    In addition, the concepts of Freud and Marx complement each other quite well: Marx wrote mainly about society, revealing social processes, but, in fact, ignored the importance of the individual, while Freud, on the contrary, was focused on the individual and his development, and his cultural theories look, to put it mildly, weak. However, if you put Marx and Freud together, you can get a convincing concept that explains both the processes that occur at the level of society as a whole, and the processes that occur in the psyche of an individual.

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