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  1. If we consider the theory of multiverses, then there are an infinite number of worlds where an exact genetic copy was born to us at any moment in earth's history, was born at any moment on another suitable planet, and somewhere a person with completely different genes even miraculously received the same character as ours. But, of course, there are a number of universes (of a higher order than the previous infinity) where we were not born at all or have already died, but people exist. And, of course, there are an infinite (even greater order of infinity) number of universes where life did not appear at all.

    So the uniqueness of each of our lives, the chance to live it based on these theories is very close to zero. By the way, we live in a time when it is still a little bit and it will be quite possible to achieve immortality by transferring consciousness to cyberthel: the probability of this is quite high. This means that the probability of being born and being born in the distant future is quite high.

  2. I think that's because your mom and dad had sex exactly nine months before your birth date, and not in the Middle Ages or the distant future. ..

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