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  1. She didn't stop. Evolution is a continuous and very slow process. Do not think that once a lizard hatched a bird from an egg, this, of course, did not happen.

    What the previous commentator calls “degradation”, paradoxically, is also part of evolution, since even the extinction of species is part of biological evolution.

  2. It is still running. And the only way to stop it is if the line disappears. Which is not at all impossible in the case of a human. But Earth's life generally has hundreds of millions or even billions of years.

  3. To give just one example: scientists have created a drug (sorry, I don't remember the name) that regulates the amount of cholesterol in the blood (the same cholesterol that is almost the main cause of death from heart attacks).

    How did they do it? They tested a couple of thousand people and found that one girl has a special gene that keeps her cholesterol at a level much lower than average. Without thinking twice, they modeled its effect and now anyone can buy a few years of life by injecting this drug.

    Question: Why couldn't such a medicine be found before?

    Answer: Previously, there were no McDonalds and fast food. Such genes were simply not needed. But there was a need and the person evaluated.

    Man evolves in the near future. What can we say about the future?

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