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  1. If Europe becomes Muslim (which is unlikely), it will be not so much because of migrants, but because of social populism, which destroys the mechanisms of assimilation and adaptation of immigrants in the European environment. Unfortunately, we should be much more afraid of Islamization in Russia.

  2. It will become, oh, how it will become. I recently read a study by German scientists who predict the Islamization of Germany by 2050. Here's something interesting I read.

    According to updated data from the European Council, 1.5 million migrants arrived in Europe in 2015, rather than a million.

    Together with the refugees from North Africa and the Middle East, the norms of behavior of men of the Muslim world came to Europe. The European Union is learning to survive in new conditions.

    Eg: In the Netherlands, 50% of all newborns are Muslim. And in just 12 years, half of the entire Dutch population will be Muslim. In Belgium, 50% of all newborns and 25% of the total population are Muslim. According to very conservative estimates, between 15 and 24 million Muslims now live in Western Europe (the EU population is 0.5 billion people). But experts believe that these figures are underestimated, in fact, there are many more immigrants from Muslim countries in Europe. In Germany and France, Islam is practiced by 5 and 10% of the population, respectively.

    The current open doors of Europe for new migrants are usually explained by the humanism of Europeans. It is not true. The reasons for open doors are different.

    Official data from Eurostat: by 2060, the percentage of the unemployed population aged 65 and older in relation to the number of hard workers will increase from 27.8% to 50%. That is, one European pensioner will be supported by only 2 working people. Today, this ratio is 1 to 4. In fact, some demographers and politicians believe that there is only one salvation for Europe from a financial catastrophe – a sharp increase in the number of immigrants. Simply because more than twice as many children are born to migrant families as to mothers from European countries. The late Gaddafi once stated: “It seems that Allah will grant the Muslims victory in Europe without swords, weapons and conquests. We don't need terrorists, we don't need suicide bombers, in just 20 years, tens of millions of Muslims in Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent.”

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