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  1. The fact is that irrational is a very extensible concept. There are no rational actions and no rational ones, there are goals that are obvious and not obvious. For example, breathing is rational, the goal is obvious. But in the enjoyment of art, the goal is not obvious, so many people consider it irrational, although the need for aesthetic pleasure is a need of the body along with breathing, etc.�
    If transhumanism is established, it is likely that many irrational (not obvious) needs will be met automatically, through the environment or worldview, which means that the old ways of satisfaction will not be in demand and will disappear.
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  2. It depends on what you mean by transhumanism.

    If we are talking about improving the human body with technical devices and genome correction, extending the life span and eliminating diseases, then this is one thing. In this case, it is unlikely that anything will change.

    If we are talking about the ideas of post-humanity and Deus ex Machina, then, of course, there will be no irrational phenomena.

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