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  1. I will release two poisonous characters-the liberal and Hitler. According to the terms of the question, I'm an ogre and not a suicidal person to eat them. After all, the real me, not an ogre, do not collect fly agarics and pale toadstools in the forest, not at all because they are more useful for the forest than boletus and podberezoviki.

  2. Cooking option.

    If I'm an ogre, I'll let the least attractive ones go for food.

    An official and a feminist are fat, that's good.

    Hitler is a vegetarian, the meat should be quite good, dietary.

    Liberal-smart, probably takes care of your health, good for you.

    LGBT person – also most likely monitors health, norms.

    But the padded jacket and sexist are probably smoked and drunk, of all the most low-quality meat. I would have let them go.

    An option for laughter.

    If I'm a funny cannibal and I have an idea of what this audience is like, then I would let go of a sexist and feminist. Just for fun. They didn't have the slightest chance of getting out together, and it would be fun to watch this process.

    The Roman version.

    I would have staged gladiatorial fights for survival.

    Immediately all with all. The remaining two get their freedom.

    The option is creepy.

    I would make a liberal eat an official.

    Sexist without a padded jacket.

    Hitler and an LGBT person.

    I'd eat a fat feminist myself.

    Then he'd make a sexist man eat Hitler. And I would have set him and the liberal free.

  3. Since I'm an ogre by the terms of the task, I'll let go of the dead and bony ones. And I don't care about the personal qualities of food in terms of the task.

    Unless if I am a cannibal for religious reasons and eat those whose qualities I want to adopt, then of course I will let go of Hitler and the LGBT person, I don't want to become a vegetarian schizoteric or a homosexual as a cannibal.

  4. The one who seems to me the most interesting interlocutor and a non-trivial person. And this does not depend on the template label that a person puts on himself, or even on his loud surname. Hitler would definitely have had a chance if I knew German better 😀

    1. Feed a sexist to a feminist.
    2. The Tolstoy feminist. You can eat it a lot and for a long time, the main thing is to obsmalit, because the body is likely to be all in unshaven purple hair. Plus, a nice bonus – you can safely play GTA with half-naked girls, and no one will be nagging over your shoulder that the girls are “too sexy”.
    3. A liberal and a padded jacket are of no value outside of Russia. For a snack.
    4. If you give an LGBT person a chance, they might turn out to be a talented musician, artist, writer, or even a fashion designer.
    5. Appoint an official to distribute feminist meat. Since he is provoked and will keep the best pieces for himself, he will quickly get fat – you can feast again.

    So you end up sitting on folding chairs with Hitler, drinking beer, watching the sunset, and talking about life with a gay guy hanging around. Let it spin.

  5. The world needs good comedians with an inexhaustible supply of energy, barbs and witticisms. It is in such an eternally cursing comic duo that a feminist and a sexist will turn. I'll let them go.

  6. I will release those who are the oldest and who have obvious health problems. Maybe it's a padded jacket and Hitler. I'll eat the rest, because I don't eat them for their beliefs.

  7. Your question is incorrectly worded. First of all, I'm not an ogre. Secondly, I'm always very kind and that's why I decided to let go of three people: a feminist, a liberal, and an LGBT person. Because these are people who are fighting for their rights, and I don't believe in the radical nature of these people. The rest will have to sit in a cage, because they are unable to improve in the wild and, as a rule, adhere to radicalism.

  8. Toxic Hitler – I'll let you go ! Still not enough to get poisoned ) I'm an ogre, not a suicide , and I'll let a feminist go second ) They still can't escape from the island and sooner or later they will certainly eat each other )) I'll bet you my pocket mirror and Cook's head !

  9. I will release Hitler and the official, Hitler is full of thirst to fight, which means there will be victims in the war-new food for the cannibal, the official under the guise of burial will redirect the bodies to the freezer and weekly will supply me with frozen bodies, ideal conditions to live a long and satisfying life, although not humanly.
    Sorry for the unconventional train of thought.

  10. See:

    Liberal feminist and LGBT person most likely 1 person

    And Hitler is a sexist and a padded jacket too 1 but a different person

    So I think if I let 2 people go I'll let everyone go

  11. if a feminist, a liberal, a padded jacket or an official turns out to be adequate people (this is rare, but it happens), then one or two of them). For example, a padded jacket and an official:)

  12. The official, if he wasn't old, wouldn't have let go-they're all round with fat, delicious.I wouldn't let a feminist go under any circumstances:it has a double benefit.Hitler-in the neck, rotten guy, he will be lynched without me.Well, I would have let go of the padded jacket-an endangered species, it is necessary to protect it.

  13. First of all, if it comes to that, it is better to cook them all, and then think about who and in what order )), and kindness is not appreciated, especially among such a “set” of people

  14. What kind of ogre am I? What are my political views? How well do I understand what's going on?

    1. In general, following the cannibalistic logic, I will release 2 of the thinnest.

    1. If I am an Ogre of the people of Israel, I think I will keep Hitler for myself.

    2. It is hardly possible to compare Hitler and a random quilted jacket in terms of world and public contribution.

    3. I would not let anyone go at all, I would lock up a sexist and a femka in one cage, and Hitler and a padded jacket in the other, and an LGBT person, a liberal and an official would have to comment on what is happening.

  15. The pack always eats either the weakest or the one who is too different from the others, in this situation it is the ogre who differs from the others the most and he is at the same time weaker than the whole pack at once.

  16. I have nothing against a sexist and liberal, and I would let them go.

    First, a sexist would tell feminists about his liberation, and when they came to me shouting and protesting about discrimination, I would eat them.


    Although you know, I wouldn't let a liberal go. The authorities would get angry and kill me and my tribe.

    But I would let go of the padded jacket. He does not pose any threat, except for violent disputes in the comments.

  17. Most likely, I would let the feminist go, because she doesn't cause any problems with her existence anyway

    And then I'll let the sexist go for balance.

  18. A liberal and an official. They will destroy the most people, and I will always have fresh corpses. May the civil war and the great battle come! and I'll have a snack!

  19. I don't divide people into groups based on their beliefs. I'll take a look and decide which of them I like as a person. Liberals are different, and feminists are different, and officials are different… Unless Hitler existed in a single copy. I'm not really an ogre, but I know it's a joke. I definitely won't eat anyone.

  20. And what difference does it make if Hitler is among them – all of you are already dead and in hell.

    I'll eat them all and go look for Lenin, Stalin, Hannibal Lecter, and all the other intelligent people.

  21. I will release the feminist and liberal, as well as LGBT people. because they do not represent any harm to society.

    eat a sexist and padded jacket – as these characters are toxic to others.

    an official – hmm, depending on which one. Maybe I'll eat it, or maybe I'll let it go

    I'll have a chat with Hitler, and then I'll eat it.

  22. I'll let go of the one I hate the least. Most likely it will be an LGBT person (because they are peaceful and kind) and a liberal! And all the other scum will go to the jelly.

  23. I'll let go of two of them: the skinny one and the fat one. It's simple — there's nothing to eat in skinny ones, fat ones just don't taste very good. I do not know who of the above will be among those released, I believe that an official and an LGBT person.

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