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  1. Well, we were late, yes. But they were able to create the Petrograd Soviet, and then they had enough strength to take power into their own hands. And then, once again, we were strong enough to break up the Constituent Assembly. It turned out that the rifle is a more serious argument than “I came first” or the results of the vote

  2. I am far from a historian, and I have never studied history in depth. However, a cursory study of this question led me to my own subjective answer.

    In my opinion, the victory of the Bolsheviks lies behind one simple reason. They were preparing for this revolution, and all the other parties were trying to avoid it.

  3. There were events in July, when the Bolshevik party was banned, and Lenin was sent to Razliv, where he lived in a hut. Then it was decided on an armed seizure of power

  4. Well, the politics of March-October 1917 were shockingly unsuccessful. As if the Provisional Government was satisfied with at least someone (well, maybe, except for the decomposed army), and it itself (read Kerensky) would have been a little stronger, it could have held on. But the Bolsheviks began a brilliant propaganda campaign in the summer (theses, aha), which attracted the broad masses. And the July uprising scared the EAP so much that in October no one but the cadets and the women's death battalion defended this power. And don't forget that people in most of Russia didn't really understand what was going on, and there was no difference between the two at that time.

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